Sunday, June 24, 2018

#4 completed

Time to celebrate!

Today I had my closest friends in Switzerland over for a dual celebration:
  1. My chemo is completed
  2. I turned fifty

I had my 6th and hopefully last chemotherapy three weeks ago. I had promised myself to celebrate that BIG TIME. And what is better than having a glass of champagne with family and good friends?

The New Fifty

I turned fifty at the end of April. At that time, I was worn-down from chemo and was not in the mood for a bigger celebration. Now that chemo is behind me, it's time to rejoice and have a party!

The new fifty!

I haven't had a midlife crisis (yet...) and so far I do not mind being fifty at all. I definitely do not believe that fifty is the new thirty, or the new forty. It is the new fifty, and that is a great thing! I am old enough to have plenty of experience from work- and private life, and have gained wisdom from mistakes I have made. I am also young enough to make new mistakes and fulfill my dreams!

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