Thursday, June 7, 2018

Joyful things to look forward to


Today my Survival T-Shirt arrived! The delivery was a lot quicker than I anticipated.

However, there where not that many things I could attempt to start this week, as I am still weak after Monday's chemo. I try to rest and watch Netflix, to save energy for one of this year's biggest family events: my oldest daughter's high school graduation! The festivities start tonight with a boat party on lake Z├╝rich with students, families and teachers. We look forward to tasty food, drinks and great music in a beautiful setting to celebrate their achievements. On Saturday, the official graduation ceremony will be held at a conference centre by the lake. I look very much forward to having family and friends from Sweden joining to celebrate with us. I expect this ceremony to be more formal and staged than a Swedish one, as my daughter and her fellow students need to rehearse, how to walk and stand, not only once but twice. It will definitely be an exciting and joyful weekend!

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