Monday, June 4, 2018

Important milestone

Chemo completed

Today I had my sixth and hopefully last chemotherapy. It feels great to have completed this phase of my cancer treatment! Chemo has been controlling and setting the pace for my life for the past four months, with one infusion of chemo drugs, then three weeks of recovery, before the next infusion and so on. I have not been allowed to travel and should only have limited contact with bigger crowds of people, to reduce the risk of infection. Infections could potentially be life threatening as chemotherapy drugs drastically reduce production of white blood cells which are vital for the body's infection defence. 
Last chemotherapy

Side effects

When most people hear about chemotherapy, they think about the nasty side effects. Chemo is definitely not a walk in the park, and I sincerely hope, I never ever will have to do it again. Luckily my body has coped relatively well. The first week after treatment has been rough with extreme tiredness and the feeling of having been ran over by a truck. Food and drinks have a bad taste of iron along with nausea. Fortunately, the medicines I take, have curbed the nausea quite well. During the second week, most of the side effects have gradually vanished and I slowly recovered. Followed by a relatively normal third week. Every chemo has been hitting my body harder and harder, thus making recovery increasingly difficult.


Milestones should always be celebrated and my motto "Tomorrow it may be too late. Live, think and act for today" followed. However, today's chemo makes it impossible to celebrate the way I want, hence saving the champagne for the weekend. By then I should feel better. Anyway, chemo is finally over and I am smiling. Cheers!
Celebration time!

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