Sunday, June 3, 2018

Getting inspiration what to do when I survive

Positive inspiration

I am a cancer survivor! When realizing that fact, I needed positive inspiration. A lot of people talk about things to do before you die and making bucket lists. However, that did not resonate with me as I felt I needed something more positive. When looking for other ideas, I found Greig Trout's website. Greig is a two times cancer survivor and he found that having things to look forward to, and proactively working towards them, was imperative to him surviving cancer and the psychological effects that came with it. He created the list: 101 Things To Do When You Survive.

Greig's optimism and positive attitude inspired me and I decided to do something similar, hence My Survival List.

What is My Survival List?

My Survival List is my personal list of things I want to do, starting now and not putting it off to when I retire in 15-20 years. Right now I have 31 things on my list and I will keep adding things day by day.

I do not know what will happen tomorrow, in two years or in ten, but I know I will start doing the things on my list and making sure I am happy doing so.

If somebody else gets inspiration from my story and start doing things he/she likes, that would also be fantastic!

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