Sunday, July 1, 2018

A forever ongoing action

Strength from Nature

I have always enjoyed being outdoors, especially where there is real nature such as forests, mountains, lakes and the air is fresh. Even better if the view is nice, as it often is in Switzerland!

In the mountains in Lenzerheide
After I got ill, nature became even more important. As the surgery and the chemotherapy treatments hit my body hard, it has been essential to regain physical strength. The best way for me has been to walk and challenge myself by extending the walks little by little, day by day. It has been pivotal to stay mentally strong and keeping a positive mindset, no matter what. I strongly believe in the power of the mind. Our emotions and feelings are greatly influenced by our thoughts about a situation. It is often easier said than done to keep negative thoughts away and letting the positive thoughts rule the state of mind. I have found it very relaxing and comforting to walk in the forest and listen to the sound of running water and chirping birds. It has been my way of putting negative thoughts aside, finding strength and staying positive.

Nature around the corner

I am fortunate to live just a short walk from fantastic nature with a beautiful, luscious forest and country side with green, rolling hills and grazing cows. As a born nature lover, I will always draw strength from the nature and from the simple pleasure of being outdoors. This gives me the mental strength needed to fight cancer and continue doing the things I love. This action will be forever ongoing!

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