Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The Best News!

No traces of cancer

A CT scan (computed tomography) is performed to determine how successful chemotherapy has been. I had my scan a few days ago and today I had a meeting with my oncologist, to discuss the findings and further treatment. I was nervous before the meeting, but I got the best possible news: no traces of cancer! Yippee! I can now fully focus on relaxing, recovering and enjoying my summer!

Next steps

I still have a way to go, to physically recover, as chemo has hit my body hard. Blood values are still low and I am tired and worn down from chemo. I have been 100% concentrated on staying strong and optimistic through all my treatments. My doctor has prepared me for the possibility that emotions put aside might come flooding back. I think it is good to be aware and if that happens I will face those emotions and deal with them at that time.

Ovarian cancer has a relatively high relapse risk, and frequent follow-ups will be needed during the coming years. For me the first follow-up will be done in October. However, today I am super happy and I am enjoying the best news I could get: I am free from cancer!

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