Tuesday, October 23, 2018

#7 completed but everlasting

Life is precious

When I got my cancer diagnose, I was brutally confronted with the preciousness of life and the fact that tomorrow is not a guarantee. After a while, I realized that I had taken some things for granted, such as being able to spend time with my family and friends. When you read My Survival List, you can see that reflected in that many of my activities involve family and close friends.

Making the best out of every day life

With my husband, I felt it was important not to focus on a major one-time action, such as a trip, but making the best out of our every day life together. Both of us wanted to spend more time together creating new, joyful, common memories. As we share an interest for nature, sports, music, theatre, movies and good food, we have been prioritizing these areas and have done something together almost every week.

Donald Sutherland at the Film Festival
Over the last months we have enjoyed several plays and musicals, a Mozart piano concert, have tasted cheese, chocolate, wine and sausages at Food Festivals, and have had nice dinners. We got star-struck at Zürich Film Festival, when Donald Sutherland was awarded the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award. However, we also watched three really good movies that had Swiss premiere at the Festival: Colette, The Leisure Seeker and Young Astrid.

Whenever I have felt strong enough, we have been taking walks in our neighborhood and have of course been hiking in the stunningly beautiful Swiss Alps. 

Hiking in Davos
I am glad and extremely thankful that we did get this chance to create everlasting memories, and of course that we continue to have a great time together! Action 7 is completed but we will definitely continue along this path.


  1. We are really lucky to have mountains and amazing scenery so close and accessible.
    All walks make good for both soul and body. Now we are looking forward to a winter with a lot of snow and good skiing both cross country and down hill.

  2. Yes, I definitely want to ski this winter 🎿😎. Last winter it was not possible...


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