Saturday, October 13, 2018

#37 completed

Cancer Rehabilitation

In Switzerland, it is relatively common that patients recover and rehabilitate at a Rehabilitation Center after being treated at the hospital. This typically applies to people, who have had a major surgery or a stroke. However, centers also specialize, in things such as the rehabilitation of cancer patients, after surgery or after chemotherapy.

Before this summer, I would have never thought I would have a cancer rehabilitation center on My Survival List. However, my oncologist thought I would considerably benefit from a few weeks recovery under professional supervision, thus referring me to a Cancer Rehabilitation Center in Davos.

After having learned a bit more about the content and structure of a cancer rehabilitation center, I felt it should be on My Survival List. After some paperwork and dialogue with my doctor, my insurance company approved and last week I got to go.

The Center in Davos

The Rehabilitation Center in Davos can host 100 patients. Every patient gets a daily, individual program, tailored after each person's capabilities and needs. In my case, the whole setup is done to improve physical- and mental strength. Therefore, I have several fitness activities, such as endurance- and muscle strengthening workouts, as well as mindfulness- and therapy sessions.

Wild-growing yarrow

The doctors at this center promote both traditional- and herbal medicine, hence I have been prescribed to drink yarrow- as well as ginger tea. In addition, I should take a daily foot bath with a special salt. All this to help detoxify my liver from the chemotherapy drugs. 

All patients are encouraged to enjoy the wonderful, alpine landscape as much as possible, as nature has a positive impact on recovery. 

Fall in Davos
As you can see, the scenery this time of the year is stunning, as the beautiful fall colors are starting to appear in all the larches and blueberry bushes.

I am well on my way to complete Action 37 and hope to come home a bit stronger!


  1. It's wonderful to see you not only become physically stronger but also happier.
    You are the mentally strongest and smartest person I know and I am so lucky sharing my life with you.

  2. Härlig kombo styrketräning, promenader. örtte och fotbad.
    Kan inte bli bättre!

  3. Ja, programmet är fantastiskt! Ses snart. Kram


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