Thursday, July 12, 2018

#5 completed

Now it's summer!

We have a summer house in Sweden. Yes, it is just like the stereotype: a red, wooden house by a lake. But unlike the stereotype, our house does not have white corners, they are black. When I was in the hospital, I tried to picture the lake view from our jetty in my head. This view has always felt special and close to my hearth.
Typical Swedish summer house

Lake view

Because of the tough chemotherapy with all its possible side effects, I was not allowed to leave Z├╝rich and travel abroad for a long time. I have, during my treatment time, been longing for and immensely been looking forward to sit by the lake and just look at the view. Yesterday, finally, it was time to fly to Sweden and go to our summer house. So here I am sitting by the lake, enjoying the excellent view and feeling with all my senses: it is summer! 

The best view!

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