Tuesday, July 10, 2018

#24 completed

More than just a handbag

When I was diagnosed with cancer on December 19th 2017, I was busy preparing for Christmas festivities. I was trying to finalize all the job related activities and had a long list of things I wanted to complete, before going on vacation. The plan was to spend a relaxing Christmas in Sweden at my sister's house, and we knew we would have a white Christmas as it had been snowing a lot lately. 

White Christmas

My Christmas Gift

It has become a tradition to go Christmas shopping in Konstanz, Germany with my daughters. During our shopping trip in December 2017, I had decided to not only buy gifts to my family, but to treat myself and buy a new handbag. I do not have a big collection of handbags, and my old one started to be worn out and a bit boring. So when I found this one, I felt it would be perfect for me! 

My Christmas gift
However, when I was diagnosed and got the treatment plan with major surgery and chemotherapy coming up, I decided to not  start using my Christmas gift. Who needs a new handbag while at the hospital and when recovering at home after treatments? I decided to keep my Christmas gift for better and more healthy days, thus being something to long for and look forward to. After having done the big checkup last week, I decided that the day had come, 192 days after Christmas eve. My belated Christmas gift is now a sign of victory and I use it with pride, feeling humble and grateful for having won the first round against cancer!


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