Monday, September 24, 2018

Thank you modern science!

New surgery

Last week, my stomach felt swollen and aching. The pain quickly escalated until it was unbearable and my husband had to take me to the emergency room. My first thought when the symptoms started was that my cancer was back. Excruciating pain and negative thoughts about cancer relapse is a horrible combination. Luckily, I was given pain relief quickly, so I could focus and think more rationally.

In the hospital
After an emergency CT-scan, a small bowel obstruction was found. It required immediate surgery. The surgeon stated that it would be necessary to start with a laparoscopic surgery and depending on what they would see, sufficient actions would be taken.

Fortunately, the obstruction was caused by an adhesion (a band of scar tissue). The adhesion had come from my cancer surgery in January. It was removed and no other surgery was needed. While doing the laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon also double-checked to make sure there were no signs of cancer. Indeed, very good to hear!

Saved again 

Within nine months I have undergone two life saving surgeries. The medical techniques and tools used, are innovations that have not existed that long. It is mind-blowing to realize that I would by now be dead, not only once but twice, if I would have been born 25 years earlier.

This recent experience gives me even more motivation and energy to continue focusing on the important things in my life: family, friends and My Survival List!


  1. Hej Lena
    Satte morgon kaffet i halsen när jag såg rubriken och bilden. Förstår att det var en hemsk upplevelse. Även utan Canser så är maginfektioner och kirurgi en tuff resa. Ändock skönt att höra och se din lättnad. Kämpa på vi är många som tänker på dig. Hälsa Lasse och tjejerna. MVH Hans


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