Monday, August 6, 2018

#16 completed

"Girls" weekend

I had the pleasure of spending a weekend with my very good friends Lotta and Ulrika. Even though we do not live in the same country any longer, we have maintained a nice tradition of spending a weekend together once a year. 
This year we went to Färna Herrgård for a spa afternoon and then stayed in my family's summer house a couple of nights. Färna lived up to its reputation as a small and cozy spa in an excellent setting in Bergslagen, Sweden. The mansion at Färna dates back to 1776 and it used to belong to the family that owned and managed the large iron mill at Färna. The iron mill is long gone but the impressive mansion and the beautiful park are still there. 

The best combo

The quote: "Life is too short to deal with bad food, cheap drinks, and fake people" summarizes our weekend. We prepared tasty meals and enjoyed nice wines. The weather was on our side and we could take long walks, swim in the lake and have fun!
We established a nice routine and started every morning with stretching or yoga excercises. Since I have not been practicing yoga before, this could serve as a kick-start for my action to give yoga a true chance. Up to me to maintain and practice.....

I am grateful to have Lotta and Ulrika as close friends. They do not only engage in deep conversations and provide emotional support, but also help to create good memories and a lifetime of laughter and fun whenever we meet. Thank you for a nice weekend! Action 16 is now completed.

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