Thursday, August 16, 2018

Bye-bye Sweden

Silver lining 

I had a wonderful summer in Sweden. First a few weeks together with my family in our summer house and then a couple of weeks on my own, visiting and meeting my Swedish friends in Västerås, Göteborg and Linköping.

My family and friends' help and care have been a silver lining in the dark cloud of my illness. I am truly grateful to all of you who did reach out and who had the courage and strength to support me. It has meant the world to me! 

Friends have always been important to me, However, during the tough months of illness, I have even more come to appreciate and value good, close friends. I am thankful to have many persons both in Sweden and Switzerland to have good and deep conversations with and of course also to relax and have fun with. 

Time with friends

One of the things I had missed the most during the last seven months, was meeting my Swedish friends. The last two weeks, I have really taken the opportunity to catch up and I have enjoyed dinners, glasses of champagne, 50 year birthday celebrations, coffee, deep conversations, long walks, laughs and of course your company!

A big thank you to my parents, Annika, Else, Johan, Marie-Louise, Lotta, Jonas, Ulrika F, Ulrika C, Vibeke, Stephan, Micke, Helena, Maria, Urban, Ylva, Karin, Patrik, Hasse, Johanna, Niclas, Tina, Joakim and Hans: you are the best!

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