Monday, September 10, 2018

#36 completed

5 Lakes Hike

Even though it is September, we have had amazingly warm weather this weekend, so we did the "5 Lakes Hike" in Pizol. This hike is a well-known, classic mountain hike and it has been on our to-do list, ever since we moved to Switzerland, but for some reason we have not done it until now.
Lake Wildsee
The hike takes you from Pizolhütte to Gaffia, and on the way you enjoy spectacular views of the Alps of Eastern Switzerland. You walk by five beautiful mountain lakes: Wangsersee, Wildsee, Schottensee, Schwarzsee and Baschalvasee. The lakes differ in size, and the water shifts in all shades of blue and green. 

Amazing view

I regard the "5 Lakes Hike" being one of the most beautiful hikes I have ever done.
On one of the peaks

The alpine landscape is exceptionally varied and the hike takes you high above the tree-line, over several summits. After having walked uphill and finally ascending a peak, the view is striking! It stretches for miles and miles, and it feels almost endless.

Picnic time

One of the things I have on my Survival List, is to enjoy a summer picnic in the Swiss Alps. I definitely enjoyed a delicious picnic by the emerald green Lake Schottensee this weekend, hence action 36 is completed!
Picnic by Lake Schottensee

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