Tuesday, September 4, 2018

#20 completed

A true chance

Earlier, I have felt that I did not really have time for yoga. When I did sports, I wanted it to be effective, demanding and making me sweat. Many of my friends are keen yoga practitioners, and have been trying to convince me of the body and mind benefits of yoga. As my life now has been turned a bit upside down and me wanting to explore things I had not tried before, I really wanted to have yoga on My Survival List.

Yoga for me

My yoga life got a kick-start start, when my friend Lotta introduced me to morning yoga this summer. Ever since, I have been doing a fifteen minutes daily morning yoga routine, using a Youtube instruction video. 
I have also bought an introduction pass, for three yoga classes at a yoga studio in Z├╝rich. So far, I have tried two different yoga styles for beginners: Ayur Yoga and Yoga Nidra. Ayur Yoga is a gentle style of yoga in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya. It is a slow pace yoga with simple yoga postures, suitable for people like me, with not so much flexibility. Yoga Nidra- "the sleep of the yogi" originates from Himalayan Yoga traditions. The Yoga Nidra class is a combination of simple yoga postures and then half an hour of guided deep relaxation exercises. This class is supposed to be especially good for people exposed to stress.


After having practiced morning yoga for more than a month and having tried two different yoga styles, I must admit that I have also been bitten by the yoga bug! 

I see clear benefits of increased flexibility and more piece of mind. My yoga introduction pass has been converted into a three month card, allowing access to all yoga classes. Morning yoga is now part of my daily routine and I will definitely continue. I consider action 20 completed!

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