Wednesday, June 13, 2018

#11 completed

A beautiful hike

One of my favorite hikes in Switzerland is the "Gratwanderung" in Stoos. The hike streches along a mountain ridge with steep slopes on each side and beautiful views of Vierwaldst├Ąttersee and the surrounding mountains. 
A clear, sunny day

Fog, fog and fog

Yesterday, I got the chance to do the hike together with some of my good friends. Unfortunately, the sky was not blue and clear, but foggy and cloudy, and the view was almost non existing. In the thick fog, we felt like we were the only persons in the world. We did not see a single human being along the hike, only a mountain goat, that fled when we approached. I was happy to be well enough to do this walk, even though it did require many stops on the way to rest and catch my breath. I am proud to say that action 11 is completed! However, I do hope to come back to enjoy the breathtaking view.
Top of the mountain

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